6 Foods to Eat in Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country with wonderful views of the mountains and delicious food.  My first visit to this country did not disappoint.  And the jaw-dropping scenic views while hiking in the mountains left me feeling hungry.  So it was perfect to have a big appetite to try these delicious foods.  Here are 6 foods to eat in Switzerland.

1. Fondue

Cheese fondue, photo credit: Image by annca from Pixabay

Before coming to Switzerland, fondue is what I thought of as typical Swiss food.  There is much more to Swiss cuisine than fondue, but it is a great place to start.  This is a fun way to eat cheese, especially if you are a cheese lover like me.  Fondue comes with a bubbling pot of cheese, then bread and potatoes you dip into the cheese. Be sure to scrape the bottom to get the yummy baked cheese.  It is a filling meal, but perfect while in the mountains.


People enjoying fondue
Swiss fondue


2. Rösti

If you love hash browns at breakfast, you will love Rösti.  It is hash brown potatoes, sometimes served with bacon, fried egg, and melted raclette cheese.  It can be eaten at any meal, not just breakfast.  I ate it for lunch after a hike down the mountain in Grindelwald.  It was dee-licious!

foods to eat in Switzerland
Barley soup and Rösti



3. Barley Soup (Gerstensuppe)

Another tasty food I ate while in the mountains in Grindelwald was barley soup.  Another one of my favorite foods besides cheese is soup, probably because I am always cold.  It is such a great comfort food.  This soup is popular in the Alps during the winter.  Some of the ingredients are onion, leeks, carrots, celery, barley, smoked bacon, potatoes, and cream.  Potatoes are a nutrient-dense food, making this soup delicious and with nutritional benefits!

4. Raclette

This is another traditional Swiss food, which is a semi-hard cheese that is heated.  The melted cheese is then scraped off onto the plate.  It is eaten with potatoes and other accompaniments such as cornichons (gherkins) and dried meat such as salami.

I also saw Raclette being served at the Christkindlmarket in Chicago, which is a German-style Christmas festival. Chirstkindlmarkets originated in Germany and for more information about Germany, read 7 Things to Do in Germany!


Raclette Image by D-Vu from Pixabay
Vendor making sandwich with raclette cheese at Chicago's Christkindlemarket
Raclette at Christkindlemarket in Chicago

5. Basler Läckerli

A Swiss specialty gingerbread, made with honey, hazelnuts, almonds, spices, orange and lemon peel
Basel Läckerli, Swiss gingerbread

While visiting my friends in Basel, I was introduced to a variety of delicious foods.  One of these foods that originate from Basel Switzerland is the Basler Läckerli.  This is a hard spiced biscuit, made with honey, hazelnuts, almonds, candied peel, and Kirsch.

6. Chocolate

foods to eat in switzerland
Swiss chocolate at Läderach

Besides cheese and soup, I also love chocolate!!! So, of course, I was excited to eat Swiss chocolate and bring some home to my family, friends, and coworkers.  I visited the Läderach chocolatier in Basel.  They have a variety of chocolates to choose from, such as chocolates with cornflakes, popcorn, or hazelnuts.  This chocolate is divine!


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